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Minutes of AGM/ FOSWGS meeting 7/11/22

Charity number 1004467

Monday 7 November 2022 6pm

Meeting held at Seminar Room, SWGS.

Present: Lucy Rouse, Kirsten Webster, Michele Chilcott, Sam Woodward, Hilary Angel,

Apologies:, Leah Allen, Haijet McLean

1 Welcome, introductions and apologies

2 Minutes of previous AGM meeting 2021

- All agree on previous minutes.

3 Matters arising –Going forward Dan Bishop will be attending FoSWGS meetings in place of MC. KW to communicate dates.

4 Chairperson’s Report – Presented by LR (Co-Chair)

School life started to return to normal in 2022, especially in the summer term before the long break.

We were able to organise a Christmas Fair which was held in real life at Bishop Wordsworth’s School in November 2021.

At Easter 2022, we again organised a virtual balloon race.

In the summer term we served Pimm’s refreshments at an evening for new Year 7 parents and their girls joining in September 2022.

We also held a Leavers’ Ball for Year 13 students at Salisbury Arts Centre in June 2022 which was a wonderful evening, albeit with relatively low attendance (compared to previous years) because tickets were for SWGS students only. In the past, BWS students have also been able to buy tickets.

We have had several charity book stalls thanks to Chris Child.

Sam Woodward continues to run the 1000 Club.

We distributed Smarties tubes to new Year 7s in September 2022 for fundraising.

We haven’t held school discos since before lockdown and would need to canvas parents to see if we have willing helpers. We have also supported the music department with refreshments.

It has been hard to get parents to join the Friends committee, particularly in the roles of co-chair and Treasurer.

Thanks to everyone who has helped the Friends this year. I am standing down at this AGM and wish everyone continued success with the Friends. My daughter is at SWGS until June 2023 and I’ll gladly be on hand to answer questions until then. LR

5 Treasurer’s Report:Hilary Angel

HA presented the Annual Report dated year end 2021/22. We need to change names on the Charity Commission. The main fundraising expenses have been £10k to the music dept, plus PE kit and staff sports coats. There was £692 to go to the school account for donations. Hilary to renew contract with Fawcetts and submit accounts.

6 Head Teacher Report: Michele Chilcott

FOSWGS has continue to support the school, despite the restrictions of COVID. The

school received £14042 in donations in 2021-2 and £10,000 of this was made up of

the contribution to the refurbishment of P4. This has allowed a more creative

approach to teaching and a greater inclusion of music technology.

The other area to gain was PE. With the purchases of Staff PE coats, a new football

kit for the Boys football team, and goalie protection kit.

The school also received money donated by parents managed by FOSWGS.

As ever the school is appreciative of the support FOSWGS give to the ‘whole’

school. Support with extracurricular events such as our music concerts and more

recently our Sixth Form open evening. A big thank you must go to the team who

supported the sixth form ball, a big success and something that was nice to see

return post covid.

One area that FOSWGS has struggled with is with parent participation on the

committee itself. I hope that this is something we can work together to try and


A big thank you from the school for the work and support of the members of



Election of Auditors – All in favour of renewing contract with Fawcetts. HA to advise.


1000 Club report – presented by Sam Woodward – to date there are 215 members and they are increasing by the month with the help of the website form. We would like to extend invitations to the staff and the Alumni (contact Amy McGuinness). There is a double draw for November and December to boost awareness and numbers. The committee praised Sam for her ongoing efforts and achievements.


Election of Committee Officers – voted in the following:

Kirsten Webster – Chair

Sam Woodward – 1000 Club

Hilary Angel – Treasurer (until replacement steps up)


Fundraising/ activities

- Classlist – we have 99% uptake and have increased our communications to the benefit of the Friends and parent year groups. More groups are being formed to assist fundraising and communications with parents/guardians.

- Website – we agreed that the website is a worthwhile investment, for not only the 1000 club administration, but for promoting activities. KW to revise annual payment to Wix and forward details to HA.

- Paypal & Zettle – KW to confer with HA to set up a new paypal account and zettle to use for Friends – both will link in with the website for future fundraisers.

- Year 7 Smarties fundraising – Due to the financial climate we changed the format for collecting smarties money this year – any denominations and no pressure or prizes for form classes. Monies handed to HA to bank.

- Second hand bookstall – Chris Childs running the book stall for the Grammar Christmas fair and has offered to put a few dates in the diary for upcoming Markets – KW to communicate future dates on classlist.

- Christmas Fair –KW has set the Grammar Christmas Fair up with Nicolette Beardsmore (BWSPA) as a joint fair to take place on Saturday 26 November 10-2pm. The website link can be found on both Parents association sites – linking to We are splitting responsibilities and proceeds for Raffle, Helpers (set up and on the day), Café, Books, Tombola and agreed that we would split the float contribution 50/50 = £150 each. We have more student stalls this year, including a YE group which is encouraging. KW running a Gingerbread Bake off competition open to all students – sponsored prizes. KW to prepare newsletter for parents – raffle contributions, helpers, Cakes, Tombola, Sweets/Games.

- Discos for years 7/8 and 9/10 – a plea from students and parents to run socials for these year groups as they have missed out during the pandemic. KW said that we can only run them if parents volunteer to organize and run. FoSWGS does not have the capacity to run them alone. KW to communicate with parents and await feedback/ book dates in Spring term.

- Looking at future dates in the calendar - Carol Concert- December 14th and prizegiving September.

- Quiz – suggested running a quiz social for parents, students and staff in February. KW to investigate.

- Easter Hampers – run an Easter Hamper raffle – suggestion as fundraiser.

- Summer open day/ fair – been approached by local residents and parents for a fair in summer term at SWGS – need to discuss with staff and work around exam schedule???

- Cocktail Party/Prom- Booked 23 June at Arts Centre

- Drama and Music concerts – Friends to support- school to provide upcoming dates and organize TENs licences accordingly.


AOB – MC to discuss with staff regarding future expenditures – KW suggested ‘Wellbeing’ project.

Next Meetings:

Proposed FOSWGS Dates 2022 / 2023: All to be held on MS Teams

MON 9 January 2023 6.30pm

MON 6 March 6.30pm

MON 24 April 6.30pm

MON 26 June 6.30pm


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