A Wider School Community Christmas celebration

FOSWGS Virtual Christmas Fair 2020. This year we ran this event online to ensure the fundraising efforts could still go ahead - no matter what Government COVID-19 restrictions were in place.

We built a website to host all the businesses that supported our event and cause. In return we continued to support the wider SWGS school community and our local businesses.

The FOSWGS Virtual Christmas Fair events operated over a week 23 November-29 November) of promoting these businesses/products on our website and a weekend of Special daily events via our facebook page.


An Online Raffle ran alongside our fair and we were blessed by donations from local businesses able to donate towards prizes. Huge thanks to the local media that supported our events and businesses.

Other fundraising options at NO COST to you when online shopping are: Register your free account, and donate as you click and shop via thousands of retailers.

Every online purchase generates a sales commission which is donated directly to FOSWGS.

To nominate us as your charity of choice search for us with our Charity number: 1004467

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