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Our Projects & Events

Supporting the students and their families are our priority, especially during these uncertain times. Our fundraising events have focused on supporting our wider school community and local businesses with the view to raising funds to support the student's well-being.


Have some fun & help us raise funds

For just £4 you can design your own balloon and enter it in our Virtual Balloon Race:

For the second year running we are entering the Eco racing Easter Balloon Race. Last year we raised £890. You can watch your personal balloon travel in the race over the 7 days. It really is so much fun! 

You could win:

  1. £500 Cash

  2. Amazon Alexa / Echo Dot 4th Generation!

  3. 10 lucky winners of £10 Book Tokens


Plus special bonus prizes for all high performing causes or charities

  1. Sales in excess of 1000 balloons - £100 for furthest balloon flight

  2. Sales in excess of 10,000 balloons - £1000 for furthest balloon flight



We arrange a number of events for the students and families during the year. 

A new exciting event is on the horizon - a joint Grammar Christmas Fair - bringing all our powers together for a Bigger Fabulous fair. You can get more information here. If you want to apply for a stall please apply here.

Everyone can get involved - we need helpers and donations!

We had been operating virtually due to covid restrictions. These are the 2020/21 events to date:

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Student well-being

One of our key goals this year is to provide different means to support the student's well-being - such as providing well-being pods and Online resources. 

We have recently assisted the Yr13 leavers to facilitate a joint Yr13 Grammar Prom at the race course - however due to lockdown extension it was cancelled. Money from the Easter Balloon race is contributing towards Yr 11 & Yr 13 school leaving events. Well-being end of year events will also be funded for the remainder of the school

We are also assisting with the refurbishment of the P4 Music suite - which is the largest and oldest and in real need of upgrading.

If you have any ideas how we can assist student well-being going forward please contact us or come to our virtual meetings.