Easter Balloon Race 2021

Easter Virtual Balloon Race – RESULTS
We raised a massive £747 with our Virtual Balloon Race over the Easter holidays – thanks to
everyone who took part. There were 82 participants. Plenty of us were disappointed as balloons
either burst or drifted off course. The top finishers of our SWGS balloons were:
#1 Dafty 2: travelled 753.83km FINISHED
#2 Nora’s balloon : travelled 710.80km FINISHED
#3 Balloon: travelled 689.23km FINISHED
#4 Victory already achieved: travelled 653.00km FINISHED
#5 Jimmy: travelled 632.90km FINISHED
The overall race was won by someone called Phoebe, not at SWGS, whose balloon travelled
776.9km. So, Dafty 2 wasn’t far behind!
For a fuller picture visit our Virtual Balloon Race page: https://ecoracing.co/user/page/1407
If you bought a balloon, simply log back into the account you created for the results of your balloons.
My balloons did finish the race but ended up just north of Antalya in Turkey – how I’d love to get to
Antalya in person again soon!
Thanks for your support. The money will contribute to a FOSWGS donation to the end of year picnics
for Years 13 and 11 which the school is organising.

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